Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Friday: Inspiration

Good day styling people! We all have people we look up to for different reasons. One of my fashion icon inspiration is my mom, that’s why I featured her today.  As far as I can remember without trying too hard she always managed to look good. I guess that’s where I got some of my fashion genes. Thank you mom!  Styling friends like Randy and Antoinette featured this week also inspire me to see fashion through their lenses. As for celebrities Solange Knowles does it for me and there way too many bloggers and fashion designers to mention. Question is, where do you get your fashion inspiration from or who are your fashion icon? Please share with us.
Stay inspired
Fashion Friday with: Randy
Fashion Friday with: Antoinette

Fashion Friday with: Mom

Fashion Friday with: Me
Fashion Friday with: Randy


  1. Love this post.
    My mom looks amazing when she wants to, but sometimes she just can't be bothered.
    In a way she is fashion forward :) the stuff she gets says it all, she's all for timeless pieces and lets trend chasers do their thing because she understands style is eternal.
    She got me my first and only pair of spanx and scarfs I tie on almost all of my bags :)
    I'm not saying this just because she's my mother, I give credit where it's due, your mom has style and her hair is great :)