Friday, February 3, 2012

Fashion Friday

The love that I’ve been getting for the Fashion Friday posts and blog has been wonderful! Many thanks, but Fashion Fridays wouldn’t be where it is if it wasn’t for all the readers and contributors. Enough speeches, let’s get into it. Today’s post is a perfect presentation of everything that says summer, bright colors, shorts, floral, crop tops, shades etc. Enjoy!
Don’t forget the Fashion With a Difference movement….I haven’t done my part yet for the Fashion With a Difference, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get started. How it works àevery time you go shopping buy at least one item for someone less fortunate than you. You can drop these at your nearest church, charity organization and while you there ask what else they need…even better if you know someone/family that needs clothing.  And please send me pictures of whatever item(s) you have purchased or just let me know . If you’re not a regular shopper then plan ahead / put money aside to go shopping for someone else. Let’s do this and spread the word.
Lovely weekend!!! I’ll be home chilling non much.
Fashion Friday with: Thobz and I (thanks to Popbottles and Vodacom 4U)

Fashion Friday with: Randy

Fashion Friday with: Suga
Fashion Friday with: T
Fashion Friday with: Ray
Fashion Friday with: T

Fashion Friday with: Me


  1. Recently started following ur blog and I just realised I took pics of u and ur girls at Pop Bottles, thank u, u ladies were such good sports...the pics r up on

    Lovely blog by the way, very authentic;)