Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things to do in Jhb

Daydreaming about moments I’ll never get back. Here’s to living in the moment and creating many more moments with the people in my life and strangers! I’ll drink to that. I think if you’re in Jhb you should totally check out these places esp on a Sunday afternoon when then there’s plenty of sunshine! Place 1: It’s in Melville 4th Avenue Cafe Picobella Trattoria.
Me and the boo drove pass Cafe Picobella Trattoria in Melville and it looked cute. See presentation counts! I said this before, when I choose my restaurants I look at the décor and everything else follows. So we decided to pop in for lunch. Was so worth it or what! Cozy and laid back just how I like my restaurants. The food was tops too I had pizza and he pasta. Another place to check out is 44 STANLEY, Vespa I’m only sharing this with you guys….hidden germ in Jhb. Honestly I didn’t think Jozi had these kinda places. It’s ‘arty’, restaurants, art gallery, vintage shops, furniture shops etc almost everything you’ll need you can find there. The boo took me there cos he knew I’d love it and yes I did. But  the restaurants closes the kitchens at 4 on a Sunday but sell drinks until late …weird. Don’t people eat that side of the world lol!
Happy Tuesday!!!

Cafe Picobella Trattoria
Enjoying our meal...


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