Friday, September 2, 2011

Fashion Friday

Hello everyone and happy Fashion Friday!
Some people collect music etc I collect pictures. Ever since I got my digital cam I’ve been snapping away and fell in love with taking pics of about anything really. I’m still using pics I took this year and last year. I haven’t been out taking pics lately (been lazy). This week’s Fashion Friday it’s dedicated to the new season…spring of course. The month where everything is blooming and revealing a whole lot of ‘dirty secrets,’ the crazy diets that some of us were on in winter lol!  Anyway to new beginnings, fresh start and whatever that tickles your fancy!
Enjoy your weekend!!!
and shout out to Maqhawe thanks for always popping by…

My girls Kooty n Kwety: Cape Town streets adore this pic!

Mozambique fashion week...thanks Tash for the pics! Obrigado!

One of the first pics I took for Tquoiz…Long street
Toni and Lerato at the Cape Town fashion week 
Siyabonga Ngwekazi and Kooty

Camps Bay 
Yum yum...guys in suits! Sold! *wink*
Mozambique fashion week
Luyolo in Stellenbosch

Took this outside my place…what a cutey!

My fav color! Can’t wait for the sunny warm days!
Well sometimes all you need is a pair of jeans, vest and chunky heels!

Randy at the Old biscuit mill

Took this at the Darkie fashion show

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