Friday, August 5, 2011

Fashion Friday

Hi, this week we keep it simple, clean and straight to the point. I think this is one of my favorite fashion Friday post so far…enjoy!

"Sometimes it’s about creating a statement and
Sometimes it’s not about creating one  
 Sometimes it’s because you feel good and
Sometimes it's because you don’t feel good
 Sometimes it’s because you can't really walk around naked and
Sometimes it’s about style.
Fashion doesn’t make us who we are.
It’s just something we like and enjoy because it’s in our ‘DNA’ "
Remember you may send me pics, your favourite clothing items, of your trendy selves , interesting places, food or events, interesting photography whatever that you may think of really.
Thanks in advance
it's the weekend baby! Have a good one!

Vukosi rocking her jumpsuit!

Randy too cute…I took this pic lol

Linda the guy

Sarah looking dashing striking a pose with her buddy!

Me in the streets of Franschhoek

Hale in her floral dress

Luyolo also laid back in a floral skirt

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