Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Friday: Cape Town Fashion Week 2011 Review

Cape Town Fashion week was from the 13 – 16 July 2011. I managed to see a few shows. So my week was perfect. I made collages for the shows I saw. Pix taken by me. Enjoy!
This was my first show (Thur night), which had most of my favorite trends for spring/summer 2011-2012. Featured pleats, color blocking and stripes. The shoes were by Melisa, I need me those wedges! Stunning! Thank you Habits for the tickets.

Gavin Rajah
Elegant is the word to describe Gavin Rajah’s collection, with stunning jewelry to go with the outfits. The hair was also beautifully done, nice and fluffy. I was so touched when came out with his staff during the finale. That was so sweet, to pay respect to them. Not only a man of fashion…but what a great heart too! Yes, we analyze all aspects in this blog. One of my favorite shows! Only took two pix cos my camera was misbehaving…sorry for the poor quality!

David Tlale
David Tlale was just on another level. You have to read the post I wrote Monday. My highlight for fashion week! Truly inspirational!

Leigh Schubert
Lots of nude, brown colors, flowing fabrics, soft, pretty, feminine collection. Can't wait for spring!

Danielle Margaux
High-waisted pants and pencil skirts. Chiffon blouses. Silk dresses. Green, blue, white and yellow were the ‘theme’ colors. Lovely collection! The style is more me classic yet chic.

Thula Sindi
Stage music “Who run the world instrumentals”. Chic collection, cooperate feel that can easily adapted for a night out. Lots of gold, print ready to wear. His collection was very simple, for a young woman probably twenty something or so. I expected more from him, but Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication sometimes.

Men’s wear! From day wear, shorts, tees, bright and rich colors yellow, blue and red! To semi casual and my favorite suits! Perfect touch to the show was the old male model! Fashion has no age limit! He looked absolutely incredible and it looked like he was having fun on the runway! And one lucky lady received sunflowers from one of the model….sold! Fabiani! True gentlemen.

Stefania Morland
It was fully packed since it was the last show and everyone was anxious to see what Stefania had in store. This was a true show stopper show in every way. Beautiful creations!
As expected a lot of Light grey, earthly stone colors and a few splashes of green and orange. For me anyone who can use neutral colors to create statement items like this…pure talent! Now the show stopper…breathtaking! An incredible light grey feathered gown with a dramatic long veil. The kind of veil I want for my wedding. Absolutely gorgeous! She (model) looked like a great presentation of mother nature covered in clouds (I kid you no). She also embraced us by singing…I did not hear the words cos I was so taken by the beauty of it all! Thanks to my girl Toni who took the pix cos she was closer (thanks T)!
Until next year….

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