Monday, May 9, 2011

Just an ordinary day!

Since I stay alone its kinda hard finding someone to take “images” of me for the blog! Can’t exactly ask the neighbours either.... so ja!
But this evening it worked out all right. Thanks to my buddy J
I’m trying to “lead” by example here a few weeks I will get the word out there for fashionable peeps to send me their pics, of course the key word is fashionable. Let’s see how that goes...I know most of the pics will be from my friends since I have 7 followers so far J
Shout out to all my followers...I can get more personal than that!
Fezy, Pacman, Nobantu, Tsholo, Tash, Peach cooper, Singatha...I see you guys!
And no I don’t do this to get followers or whatever, as long as someone out there is reading it’s fine with me...but I appreciate everyone who visited this page!

Faddy xxx

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