Friday, December 3, 2010

Pop-Up boutique!

Pop-up boutique was hosted by our fav lady Kumari from Style Society aka @CapeTownfashion on twitter. It was an awesome day spent indulging in shopping & browsing thru the latest trends! This is what went down at the trendy Fire & Ice Hotel on the 27th of November 2010!   For more information   
Love these shoes! My feet are huge thou didn’t fit!

Bumped into Angie wearing Demelza summer collection, the model from my neighbourhood! I’m getting that skirt! Hot!
Island Lily  

 I love almost anything with stars! By Black Heart

Ametisses collection blew me away by Designer Amelie from Mauritius currently staying in Cape Town
Looked like I liked all the dark colours! So much of being a colourful person :) by Ametisses

 Loved this beaded belts by Island Lily

 Sarah Demelza (in the middle) the designer of Demelza and her model friends
 Pretty lady kept feeding me chocolate...hence the big cheeks :)


My friend (partner in shopping) & I both loved the shoes!
Kumari's collection adored!
 Definitely need a big hat this summer especially in Nelspruit (my hometown)

Look out for links to some of the designers!!!!

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